Nepal Update Earthquake





Once again – nature has struck a devastating blow – this time in the form of a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

As the global leader in humanitarian service, Lions Clubs International is uniquely qualified to provide immediate assistance.

This is the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal in nearly 100 years. Our message to Nepal is “help is on the way.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, and the Lions of Nepal in this time of need.

MYLCI Records

To all Club Presidents and Secretaries

Urgent Action Required

As you elect next year’s Club Officers can you ensure that the MyLCI records are updated promptly

The attached link if you paste into your browser  will take you to an instructional video if you are unsure how to carry out the actions. The team at HQ will give guidance if anyone needs help with this action

There is no requirement for a PU101 form to be submitted any more