Lions Club Jubilee Poster

Lions ad

Adverts have been placed in various papers congratulating the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee.The Leader has generated a fabulous one for a full page. It is so good that it can be used by every Lions Club.The attachment is for you to print and post wherever you wish and put it in your window,car etc.

Hosts needed for the Lions’ Youth Exchange Programme.

Hosts are needed for the Lions’  Youth Exchange Programme. The latest position on hosting is that for the  period 25th July -4th August Y1206 Mikhail Shevyakov Male from Russia and  Y1225 Dilek Uslu Female from Turkey need hosting. 
Also for the period 4th August -13th August  Y1210 Luiza Khelaia from Georgia, Y 1225 Dilek Uslu Female from Turkey, and Y1246 Hanna Karhula Female from  Finland need hosting.
If you can help please contact Pauline Hodgkinson  01782 613787
Hope you can help.

Counterfeit £20 Notes

I know that this is not a Lion’s item but please be aware that there is an influx of forged £20 notes.Have tried to pay some in at Bank and 8 were confiscated.They were so good the clerk didn’t notice and only found out when they were weighed. Have just invested in a £3 counterfeit pen !


Hope you don’t mind me posting just wanted to let you know as steam is still coming out my ears !


Beverley xxx