Ironbridge and Severn Gorge Lions gift to Aysha

Aysha was born in September 2004 with varied complicated problems.

She had a brain bleed,apnoea, severe gastro-oesophageal reflux, no swallow or gag reflex and had to be fed by a tube.

Following a stay of 6 weeks in the Special Care Unit at the RSH she was then transferred to Birmingham Children’s hospital where she stayed for another 6 weeks.When she was 1yr old Mum and Dad were told that she wouldn’t be able to sit up or walk……she was doing both these by the time she was 2.

At 2 yrs old Mum and Dad were told that Aysha had cerebral palsy and it would be very unlikely that she would talk or eat.

Aysha started mainstream school (Holmer Lake Primary) at the age of 5 and that’s when she started to talk!,  June 2011 saw Aysha pass another milestone! After having a swallow test she can now start to eat yoghurt!

Having cerebral palsy means that Aysha has difficulty with fine motor skills ,e.g holding a pencil ,writing, gripping with her fingers so she finds any written school work difficult.

In September 2011 she went into year 2 where she has had to do  a lot more written work. Having been assessed by the occupational therapist in school, Aysha needed to have a special computer keyboard and mouse to use so that she is able to do her work independently. She gets very frustrated with a scribe as she knows exactly what it is  she wants to do but cannot  explain it quick enough.
Ironbridge and Severn Gorge Lions then stepped in and have provided Aysha with her own Laptop special mouse and keyboard so that she is able to continue her studies not only at school but at home as well.This  means that any school work that she has to do after school and during the holidays she will be able to do on her own. It will also mean that she will be able to do research and be able to do things herself without having to rely on anyone else.

Aysha has surpassed all expectations and has achieved everything that the doctors said she wouldn’t be able to. She is an absolutely amazing happy little girl and is very very clever,considering she was so poorly at birth. No-one could
have imagined that she would achieve so much and the provision of the Laptop is the icing on the cake!

Aysha has now been awarded a commendation  from school for her progress since having  the computer and keyboard. Mum Melanie Taylor said “Without the laptop to practice
on at home she wouldn’t be achieving what she is now”

Photo shows Aysha being presented with the laptop
special mouse and keyboard by President John Marsh

Alsager Lions helps Chloe kick her way to the Top.

Attached photograph shows Lion President Sam Alcock presenting a cheque to Chloe Macdonald-Dunn a pupil of Alsager High School.
Chloe, who is a member of the Stoke United Taekwondo Club,started the sport some two years ago and in that time has gained a blue belt red tag which is just three away from a black belt
Lion Dave Nixon was approached to see if Alsager Lions could help
towards the finances of the transportation costs for Chloe to attend
further competition venues around the country, in order to
further her goal of competing in the 2016 Olympics.
Alsager Lions were more than delighted to help a local young lady and
wish her well in all her efforts.

Article written by Ken Livingston
Alsager Lions

Tacade Update Information

We have been informed this morning that Tacade will be closing their business this Friday and making all staff redundant.

On 14th June Tacade noted in their accounts that future trading was dependent upon the continuing support of their banks. Whilst this has been forthcoming in the months since June and cashflow forecasts provided to us have been positive, their banks have now decided to withdraw support and consequently the directors of Tacade have decided to close the business.

We have little facts at the moment but are trying to get clarification on the situation.

It would be prudent at this time to advise your District Officer and Clubs not to commit any further orders for materials or donations  to Tacade.

I am currently with CS Andy at MDHQ and we will be contacting LCI this afternoon to ascertain the possibility of adopting the Quest Program in the UK, accepting that local changes may need to be made to it.

I will advise you as soon as we have more information.

I would also ask you not to contact Tacade direct to try and get further information as it may confuse the situation. We are trying to use one line of contact to remove any misunderstandings.


Tony Gadsby

Chairman of Council