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Free Lions e-clubhouse Websites

Guidance for Lions Clubs

 What is it?e-clubhouse is an easy corporate way to create a website for your Club with a simple set of tools introduced in October 2009 by Lions Clubs International.

 Who is it for? …every Lions Club in Lions Clubs International to retain your valued member’s interest and share with the local community your Clubs activities. It provides a Marketing and PR partnership with the local community endeavouring to encourage new members.

 What does it cost? …nothing, it is free to any Lions Club.

 Can my Club have one? … yes, already 117 Lions Clubs in MD105 have an e-clubhouse website.

 How do we get one? … agree within the Club who is going to be the Club webmaster and register with Lions Clubs International at Read the FAQ’s.

 What happens next? … after 24 hours, the Club webmaster will receive a ‘username’ and ‘password’ with website build instructions. The template webpages provided can be personalised to your Club and additional webpages added to include your latest Club pictures.

 What is the Club Internet address (URL)? … the URL will be in the notation range

 But that’s not very user friendly? … so, how about – read on to find out how.

 Register your Club domain with a 3rd party company like  It will cost approximately £6 for two years depending which company you use. Remember to register the domain in the Club name to allow any future member changes but include a personal contact name for everyday use.

Having obtained the Club domain name that will allow you to point the meaningful domain name  to and general public will be unaware of the switch. Your letterhead/email correspondence can show the Club www address.

There are many other advantages of registering the Club domain name including be able to allocate all members with a meaningful e-address like or

For more information about e-clubhouse and Club domain names, please have a word with your District webmaster at

Lion Dave Allen

February 2011

Gnosall Lions Welcome new member

Gnosall Lions Welcome new member

At the February Meeting of the Gnosall Lions Club attended  by the District Governor Lion Tony Gadsby, Lion Norma Hadley was welcomed into the Club by the District Governor.

Norma was sponsored by Charter Member (one of the original 5 members) Vice President Elaine Pearson. The ceremony was attended by two other ladies who hope to become Lions in the near future and were the result of a recruiting drive carried out in Haughton with support from & Geoff of Stafford Lions. The ceremony took place in the Horns pub with the following in the photograph. Lion President John Beswick, Lion Norma, DG Tony & Charter Member Elaine Pearson.